Case Studies

We believe good business is built on great partnerships. For you, it means a committed insurance partner you can trust, with a willingness to write business helping both you and your clients. Read our real life case examples and see what makes us different and why we can be your preferred trading partner.

Case Study: Plastic injection moulding

Working with a partner broker we pipelined a new opportunity to underwrite a large plastic injection moulding risk. Given the size of the opportunity and the market dynamics involved our quote was agreed on an exclusive basis with tactical trading discussions regarding our approach in winning this case starting straightaway.


Case Study: Sub-contract manufacturing

A partner broker approached us with an opportunity to underwrite a complicated sub-contract manufacturing risk where the parts produced had the potential to end up in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or safety-critical systems.


Case Study: Specialist cars sales and servicing in multiple locations

It’s not unusual for premiums to increase following a claim or claims. But after an unexpectedly big jump, this particular broker asked us to quote on a renewal. Their client? A used car dealer, who also ran servicing and repair workshops in multiple locations.


Case Study: Used car sales

A used car dealership was growing increasingly unhappy with their insurer. Why? Because the insurer was slow to respond to numerous requests for clarification, and it was affecting their business. A key concern was which employees in the dealership were covered to drive which types of vehicles.


Case Study: Large residential property owners

Working with an attacking broker we had an opportunity to quote for a residential property owners risk within very tight timescales. The risk was six large blocks of concrete floored, purpose built flats all sited adjacent to each other. Although, the risk had a history of escape of water claims (a common theme of residential blocks) the target premium was highly competitive.


Case Study: Large geographically diverse property portfolio

Having successfully secured, serviced and renewed a broker’s large Property Owner’s account we were keen to replicate that success on another opportunity. Again, the prospect was a large property-owner with a geographically diverse portfolio. Working closely with the broker enabled us to gain a better understanding of the client's property portfolio, risk management attitude and requirements of us.


Case Study: Electronics manufacturer

We worked in partnership with a broker on a regional opportunity to help retain a component manufacturer client specialising in sensors for modern connected building systems.


Case Study: Smart manufacturing

A plastic injection moulding company was transitioning from traditional manufacturing methods towards “smart” manufacturing in an effort to improve productivity.