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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Since it launched in 2015, NIG Web Chat on TheHub has been a big success, making the quote and buy process even smoother and generating valuable feedback that we’ve used to further enhance our platform.

Over 90% of brokers surveyed had a positive experience using the facility and Web Chat was one of the initiatives that led to NIG being voted number 1 for eTrade for a second year running in 2016.

We haven’t rested on our laurels and we’ve made Web Chat on The Hub faster and more efficient, making TheHub even easier to trade on.

Here’s how:

Team-to-team chat transfer

The enhanced Web Chat facility will allow chats to be seamlessly passed between teams. This will particularly enhance the service for brokers trading Mini Fleet. For the first time, brokers can be transferred, on request, to the dedicated Mini Fleet underwriting team whilst in chat, meaning they no longer need to call in.

The team transfer mechanism also means that brokers can be transferred to a specific underwriter should they wish to continue a particular conversation. 

Internal Conversation Rating System

The new and improved Web Chat system will provide NIG underwriters with an internal conversation rating system that will improve outcomes of conversations with brokers by gauging sentiment and giving them an additional temperature check of broker satisfaction in real time.

Co-Browse Functionality

The new enhanced Web Chat includes co-browse functionality which allows underwriters to see what the broker is seeing on their screen and guide them through TheHub quote and buy journey.

Jaime Swindle, Director of eTrade at NIG commented:

“The upgrades to our Web Chat facility offered through our eTrade platform, TheHub, are just another part of our ongoing push to make NIG even more effortless to trade with.  We are already seeing an increase in the number of daily chats since upgrading our Web Chat offering. This indicates that brokers are recognising the improvements we have made and are being able to better utilise NIG Web Chat to trade more quickly and efficiently and ultimately to drive more business.”