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Welcome to eXtra, a new eTrading offering from NIG that will help you win new business by providing a range of exclusive services, support and resources.

Every business is different and eXtra is designed to deliver a customised experience for your specific needs. As well as offering access to tools and expert advice to help your eTraded business grow, eXtra also provides a priority service.

As an eXtra member, your business has a named contact at our eTrading Centre in Peterborough who will respond to your queries quickly and ensure the swift resolution of eTrading issues.

You also have direct access to a dedicated eConsultant and regular contact with senior members of our eTrading team. Together, they’ll work to understand your business strategy and help you achieve your short and long-term eTrading goals.

If you do not know your assigned eXtra contacts, please get in touch with your local NIG Senior Business Development Manager.

Note: this page contains content that is only relevant to eXtra members. If you are not a member of eXtra, please contact your local NIG Senior Business Development Manager to learn more about this offering.